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ANIMALE is a Washington winery that produces, by hand, small quantities of intense, full-flavored red wines, made from grapes from family-farmed Yakima, Columbia, and Willamette Valley vineyards.

ANIMALE wines are never fined, nor filtered, nor subjected to other common industrial processes. Stylistically inspired by great wines of France and Italy, ANIMALE wines emphasize intensity, concentration, and balance, showcase authentic grape varietal qualities, and reliably offer a distinctive and refreshing wine-drinking experience.

ANIMALE works with select eastern Washington state vineyards, and one Oregon vineyard, where well-drained soils, cool nights, low yields, small berry size, limited irrigation, and late harvests result in special grapes that make unusually complex wines.

ANIMALE began commercial production with the 2001 vintage. Production is maintained right around 200 cases per year.

Please see our news and events page for an update on where to find and taste ANIMALE wines.

Please also see the ANIMALE Facebook Page for additional news and upcoming events.

Animale The Winery Cat, 1985-2003