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Animale in the Tonnellier Vineyard

The Animale Wine Collective - Now Open For New Members

The Animale Wine Collective: a unique wine industry futures program. Ensure your own future supply of Animale wine by becoming a member. The ANIMALE Wine Collective is a long-term purchase program - five vintages of wine, one case per year for the next five years, for a modest one-time payment.

In 2001, ANIMALE funded startup costs by non-traditional means: a unusual wine futures program. Twelve adventurous wine-lovers (or groups thereof), making a remarkable statement of confidence in ANIMALE's prospects, each paid, in advance, at once, for the first five consecutive vintages of ANIMALE wine.

New Wine Collective members will enjoy these benefits:

  • One mixed case of ANIMALE, for each of the next five vintages, beginning with the 2014 vintage.
  • Invitations to Wine Collective special tasting events at the ANIMALE Ballard, Seattle facilities.
  • A Wine Collective Certificate of Membership featuring Animale The Winery Cat's pawprint of approval.

The one-time membership fee is $1000, exclusive of applicable sales tax and/or shipping. New members starting with the 2014 vintage will receive a 12-bottle case consisting of an assortment of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Reserve Petite Sirah, Oregon Pinot Noir, and the "Maria Carmela" Washington Red Table Wine" (all described on the Wines Now page). Future vintages will be equally enticing - the next few vintages will also feature Oregon Riesling and interesting Puget Sound-grown red wines. To enroll, please contact ANIMALE by phone or email. Enrollment will be granted in order of inquiry.

Welcome to the ANIMALE Wine Collective!